Wushu – A modern Martial Art born from the Spirits of old chinese traditions.

Long time ago there were so many different chinese martial art styles out there, who were practiced over thousands of years. Because of that the chinese developement decided to create one official system to combine their all powerful forces into one leading force. Welcome to Wushu, a Chinese Martial Arts like no other. 

Discover the World of Wushu

Breathtaking acrobatics or devasting strikes, its your choice

In wushu there are principal two main things you should know, the forms called “taulo” and the sparring called “sanda”.

They have absolutely their highlights and both are worth to be practiced. Here you”ll get a great overview about them, continue scrolling and take a look.

Wushu Training Huge Circle

Here you’ll find the typically Wushu Techniques

Wushu Sanda Round Kick

Wushu Sparring “Sanda”, also known as “Sanshoua”

Sanda is the sparring from wushu and a cool full contact combat sport. You”ll learn devestating strikes like in muay thai but the special thing is, sanda includes also great grappling and wrestling techniques. You”ll become automatically a more complete fighter.

By the way it includes also a lot about stances, footwork, hand and arm strikes, foot and leg strikes, balances, jumps, sweeps, throws, joint locks, pressure points and grappling.

“WUFU” The International Wushu Federation 

It brings to you a complete ranking system with 9 levels and each of them is called “Duan”. Look at this nice overview about sanda duans we created for you and get some impressions.

★ Wushu Sanda 1st Duan

  1. Movements
    Basic stances, leaps and sidesteps anyway
  2. Hand and Arm strikes
    Direct punch, hook punch, upper punch
  3. Leg strikes
    Front kick
  4. Takedowns
    Forward takedown

★ Wushu Sanda 2th Duan

  1. Dodging
    Side dodge, lower dodge
  2. Hand and Arm Strikes
  3. Blocks
    Forearm block
    Palm pressing block
    Low outward block
    Low knee block
    Middle knee block


  1. Leg Strikes
    Side kick
    Round kick
    Turning back kick
  2. Throwing
    Leg- hold throw
    Leg sweep throw


  1. Takedowns
    Takedown with hand control
    Waist-hold takedown

★ Wushu Sanda 3th Duan

  1. Combinations
    Side dodge + left hook
    Interception hook
    Interception low kick
    Turning heel kick
    Left frontkick+ left right punch
    Right front punch + left hook + roundkick
    Left right punch + roundkick
  2. Takedowns
    Zuanshen ceshuai
  3. Throws
    Falling spinning throws

★ Wushu Sanda 4th Duan

  1. Combinations
    Left jab+ right dodge + right cross punch
    Back step + right low kick + left highkick
    Left lowkick + left high sidekick
    Combi + New Throws
    Right punch + left low kick + leg holding side throw
    Left interception heel kick +forward leap left + and right punch
    Catching-leg side throw
    Cross-hold hip throw

Wushu Forms “Taolu”

This is the second great thing, the wushu form, called “taulo”.

These are highly precise and predefined movements for different things, like jumps, throws, kicks, weapon techniques and many many other spectacular demonstrations of high flexibility, great athletics, unbelievable speed and human power.

Wushu Form Chanquan

Wushu Form Taijiqua

Wushu Form Nanquan

Wushu Weapons

The special thing on wushu is you have also different weapons you can learn to handle, alone this fact makes it to a more extended system.

  1. Different Weapons

Exclusive Wushu Benefits that you’ll get

Wushu Advantages

  • You’ll become a great balance between powerful hard strikes and amazing grappling techniques.
  • It will gives you so many methods from traditional old chinese systems they were developed through thousands of years.
  • You have included very fascanating weapon techniques so you’ll learn both, armed and unarmed martial arts.

Wushu Disadvantages

  • In comparison to other hybrid systems you don’t learn less self defense techniques.
  • At Modern Wushu you may miss some good parts of the old traditions who were not translated in the modern form.
  • You are focus on the competition so you have all their restrictions to not injure somebody and become it more balanced but it keeps you also back from your possibilites.

Wushu Ranking System

9 Levels on your way to become a Wushu Legend

Like mentioned above, the International Wushu Federation “Wufu” brings you a great ranking system.

To get an overview what the levels include and how long it will take to complete them, look at the section below.

Time requirement 1- 3th Duan

Taijiquan, Chanquan, Nanquan and Sanda

1st Duan – 2 years

2th Duan – 1 years

3th Duan – 1 years

Complete 4 years to finish

Time requirement 4- 6th Duan

Taijiquan, Chanquan, Nanquan

4th Duan2 years

5th Duan2 years

6th Duan2 years


Complete 10 years to finish

Time requirement 6- 9th Duan

7th Duan – 6 years

8th Duan – 5 years

9th Duan – no years, only threw special honor