Wing Chun – A Martial Art who was specially designed and suited to compensate the natural disadvantages against a stronger opponent

The shaolin nun “Ng Mui” took the best from Shaolin Kung Fu to design a new martial art against faster, bigger, stronger or even multiple opponents not by using force but body mechanics and touch sensitivity. Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art that is classified as a boxing system because of its reliance on striking techniques utilizing either hands or feet.

Discover the World of Wing chun

Step by Step on your exciting Way to learn Wing Chun

This martial art employs proportionately more punches than kicks and teaches the stable stances and closer fighting distances consistent with favouring hands over feet.Like in many other martial arts, base and stance are taught in the starting of wing chun.All the techniques you will learn will be carried out relaxed in a flowing manner simply due to energy waste because of tensed muscles. Not only that but your moves will be slower as well.

Wing Chun Temple
Wing Chun Training2

The most devestating Kick comes from Wing chun

Kicks, knee strikes are limited and often to areas below the waist, punches are used to make the most offensive attacks. They will be quick fast and moving simultaneously with the body. The simple front kick on the knee are strictly forbidden in every combat sport because of highly damage.Your goal will be to get past an opponent’s attack and making learnt techniques become more automatic in a flow.

Kill the Wood to become stronger and stronger

You will also use a wooden dummy as a Wing Chung tool to practice strikes and harden(strengthen) the hands, arms and legs.In some schools you will also learn how to use butterfly swords. Wooden dummies, wall bags were simply an equipment to harden body parts.

Wing Chun Wooden Dummy

Go ahead and look at this incredible Wing Chun Techniques

The techniques of wing chun have a solid forward focus.

Striking, blocking and trapping are included.
The basic hand strikes include

  1. Punch(straight), Chop
  2. Hammer
  3. Finger Jab

combining one straight punch with another one gives you the roll or the so called chain punch. (Like a machine gun throwing punches to the opponent).

The Wing Chun Basic Kicks include

Kicks will not used so often. There are not any art kicks like in taekwondo. The kicks will be simply used to make a distance and highly damage to the opponent.

  1. Straight Kick
  2. Side Kick
  3. Round Kick

The Blocks and Wing Chun Traps include

The key is to lure the opponent into trap with the purpose of jamming your opponent and shutting down his ability to block or counter your attacks.

  1. Pak
  2. Lop
  3. Bong Sao

Look at these insane Wing Chun Benefits you’ll get

Wing Chun Advantages

  • Instead of muscle pump with lifting weights, wing chun will teach you how to use them stronger with lifting heave weights. Wing Chun will teach you proper striking techniques to provide an added boost of explosiveness and speed to your strikes.
  • Your respond time will we much faster, means you will have an improved eyes focus. To maximize the hand-eye coordination, your eyes will be trained to quickly recognize and process threats.
  • Your respond time will we much faster, means you will have an improved eyes focus. To maximize the hand-eye coordination, your eyes will be trained to quickly recognize and process threats.
  • Like in many other martial arts there won’t be a joint overloading. You will mainly improve your mental focus which is the key to success. Most wing chun forms have an meditative quality and can really help to calm the mind.

Wing Chun Disadvantages

  • You will not build a big muscular body.
  • If you expect competitions, you are wrong. There are no sparring competitions in wing chun because there is no safe way of holding them.
  • You are focus on the competition so you have all their restrictions to not injure somebody and become it more balanced but it keeps you also back from your possibilites.

Wing Chun Ranking System

No fixed Ranking System in Wing Chun but a realy famous one

As in many other martial art combat sports, there are not any fixed ranking systems in wing chun. But I want to give you an example in some schools. That is the grading system IWCO. The time varies always dependent on the person himself.

There are 7 basic levels:

  1. 1 – 7 Cup

(You can achieve the cups by four or five years attending 3-4 classes a week)

  1. There are 6 Master levels: 1-6 Duan

(You will get a black belt. So after that there is no fixed time when you achieve the mastery level. It will always depend on your teacher.

  1. Then there are 3 advanced Master levels. 7-9 Duan

Tips that are maybe helpful for you

  1. If you want to achieve success in wing chun, remember, don’t compromise your technique for fear of hurting your training partner.
  2. At first you will think the punches are weak. But time after time you will notice how powerful the punches can be by adding more speed and more power.
  3. Do not neglect footwork. And while learning Wing Chun try to learn ground techniques with other teachers or schools to fill the holes in wing chun.