Taekwondo – One of the most popular Martial Arts worldwide

Originally from Korea Taekwondo is a combination of karate and chinese martial arts where the legs play a vital role. Taekwondo training generally includes a system of blocks, kicks, punches, and open-handed strikes and may also include various take-downs or sweeps, throws and joint locks.

The first Steps you’ll do in the World of Taekwondo

Taekwondo teaches you to kicking like a God

It is one of the few martial arts in which practitioners are expected to execute kicks to high targets, most notably the head.
Taekwondo includes easy kicks or difficult kicks, ranging from the hook kick, the axe kick, the roundhouse kick, crescent kicks, spinning kicks and more.


But Taekwondo is more than just kicking

Beginners should recognize at the outset that the taekwondo training involves much more than this. It includes many other things like defence techniques for dangerous conflict situations in which you are attacked with a weapon or being life threatened.

Taekwondo newcomers begin with the introduction of foot and leg techniques before turning to simple blocks and techniques that combine hand and foot movements. And not only during these first lessons, conditioning and stretching exercises are a special focus.

Taekwondo Different Forms
Taekwondo High Kick Girl

Become a Balance Master

Once you are familiar with the exercise routine and the various taekwondo kicking techniques, you will learn to balance perfectly during all movements. An important point is to get the correct estimation of the distance to your opponent. The next step is the coordination of all movements, supported by criticism or praise from your taekwondo teacher.


Train with a partner to quickly improve yourself

Once you master the taekwondo basics you will start with the taekwondo sparring.
Some teachers will reveal a less agreeable side of their personality during this training phase because they will drive you, provoke you, or sometimes even insult you. This behaviour is not supposed to intimidate you, but force you to cope with the stress situation with the help of all your abilities.

These Taekwondo Basic Techniques gives you a fundamental Base

Different Taekwondo Forms (Poomsea)

This is a “movement” which is a fight against one or more imaginary opponents. The positions and techniques to be used are precisely defined. There is, according to each graduation, a Poomsea, which has a very special meaning.

Taekwondo Punches

All punches share the same basic technique. Punch is called jireugi in Korea. There are 3 main often used punches:

  • A low section punch:
    aimed at the navel of the opponent
  • A middle section punch:
    aimed at the solar plexus (section between  chest and stomach)
  • A high section punch:
    aimed at the face of the opponent

Taekwondo Kicks

  • Roundhouse Kick:
    Kick using instep of the foot. The kick will be released while the body turns 45 degress.
  • Front Kick:
    Is a direct frontal snap kick that targets the opponents chin or torso.
  • Axe Kick:
    Like a front kick with an emphasis on the downward strike of the heel.
  • Back Kick:
    It is like a turn around kick, released when the back is facing the opponent.
  • Side Kick:
    Body twists while lifting the leg. The kick is released facing the opponent sideways.

Taekwondo Self-Defence, called “Ho-shin- sool”

This is the Korean term for “self-defence”. It teaches the techniques by which the taekwondo fighter can defend himself against one or more opposing opponents, especially outside the sports area.

Taekwondo Board Braking called “Kyukpa”

The braking of wood and the braking of bricks or stones proves the ability to concentrate existing energy successfully to a point. This demonstrates how the mind and the body are coordinated in a meaningful way.

Taekwondo Benefits for you that are really unique

Taekwondo Advantages

  • You always keep your opponent on distance.
  • Taekwondo has the most kicking variants of all combat sports
  • Kicks are stronger than hand techniques.

Taekwondo Disadvantages

  • There is too much concentration on kicks and not enough on boxing.
  • Making it a poor foundation for other aspects.
  • Its not good for close range combats.

Taekwondo Tips that are maybe helpful for you

  • Whoever wants to learn taekwondo, usually thinks about learning a few tricks quickly how to “defeat someone”. After the first taekwondo training, you think you have not learned anything because at first you have to learn some painful and boring positions. So you´re immediately confronted with an important part of the struggle, namely perseverance. Almost 4 out of 5 beginners already fail at this first hurdle.
  • If you continue to train, despite initial disappointment, soon you`ll get stronger muscles. You`re responsiveness will be increased, you`ll be more relaxing and the last but not least you`ll become more physically advanced. As a plus point you`re self-confidence grows, you`re behaviour changes (positive).
  • In general, the rule is: Who loses the balance has no overview and is most vulnerable.
  • A quick blow to the solar plexus can take your breath away for a moment, but it will cause you to pay more attention to your defence next time.
  • A strict taekwondo teacher who takes you from the wrong idea that taekwondo is just fun and amusing is a good choice.