Muay Thai – It is said people who perfect their Muay Thai skills are called human weapons.

Instead of boring theorie, muay thai focuses on your reflexes means developing your
timing through practical training (sparring and or fighting). Not forgot to mention, muay thai is not the same as kickboxing!

Muay Thai comes to you originally from Thailand

One of the most brutal combat sport in the world

Is a style of kickboxing known as the art of eight limbs, because you always have eight different methods of striking including fists, feet, elbows and knees(shins).


This Muay Thai Music kicks you in the fight

“Sarama”, which is known as the music which is played before and during the combat session is very uniqe. You can pay respect to those who helped you to achieve that stage in life. Sarama will help motivate and prepare you for the real combat.


You have different ways to train Muay Thai

The muay thai training varies in many sections like weight lifting, rope skipping, running,  shadowboxing, sparring, or simply kicking heavy bags in order to harden up bodyparts like the shin.

Muay High Side Kick Thai Ring
Muay Thai Gym 2

The Beginning of your great Journey

You’ll start by learning the basic muay thai techniques like kicking and working on the bags and pads. You will do countless push-ups, sit-ups, squat, and various other body weight exercises to improve your overall physique in order to achieve a harder and leaner body.

Rise up faster and faster

If you train 3-4 times a week you will achieve about 15 percent of the full level of muay thai in 6 months. The next half year you will definietly get that double effect out of it.
That’s possible because of the body you wil achieve, by doing these basic exercises, stretchting and hardening your body by kicking and punching into hard bags.

With these Muay Thai Techniques you become really dangerous

The basic Stance in Muay Thai

There is one main stance. For a left-handed muay thai fighter, the right leg leads followed by the left leg. For the opposite handed fighter, the left leg leads and the right leg follows. Hands are held high. Closed and gloved fists protect the head with the elbows held inward, arms protecting the body. The fighter’s body is turned slightly sideways, with the head held slightly forward.

Muay Thai Basic Punches


  1. Jab
  2. Cross
  3. Hook
  4. Straight Body Punch
  5. Overhand Punch

 Muay Thai Advanced Punches


  1. Spinning Back fist
  2. Superman Punch

Muay Thai Basic Knees


  1. Side Knee
  2. Curving Knee

Muay Thai Advanced Knees


  1. Jumping Knee
  2. Flying Knee
  3. Step up Knee

Muay Thai Basic Elbow Strikes


  1. Horizontal Elbow
  2. Uppercut Elbow

Muay Thai Advanced Elbow Strikes


  1. Backwards Jumping Elbow
  2. Downward Jumping Elbow
Muay Thai Grapling

Muay Thay Blocking is an another key element.

It is a must, not easy and it requires that muay thai practitioners be at the best physical and mental condition. One block utilizes the shin to block roundhouse strikes from the opponent on the mid and lower body.

Blocking with the fists and arms are generally done to prevent punch strikes, while blocking with the shins are used for protection against leg strikes

A Variety of cool Muay Thai Benefits

Muay Thai Advantages do not have to hide from other combat sports

  • While other are using only their hands and legs, muay thai fighter will use deadly knee strikes and elbow attack to hurt their opponents.
  • Not only hitting but grappling is another advantage for muay thai fighters. Muay Thai fighters “clinch” grasp and control the other fighters head tightly to throw some more strikes and bring the opponent off balance to throw him to the ground.
  • If you compare muay thai with 90 percent of other combat sports on the same level, the muay thai fighter will always win because of the 8 limb system.

Muay Thai Disadvantages

  • Lack in defence because not so many defensive techniqes.

The Muay Thai Ranking System

Only Tournaments gives you a Ranking

Generally like in many other combat sports, in muay thai there is not such thing as a belt system. Titles can be gained only by fighting and winning muay thai fights (tournaments).

Different Muay Thai Schools different Rules for you

Many schools prefer their own style of ranking by using their own colours of belts, in order to motivate their students. They invent their own style of ranking by using coloured shirts or bands. But as mentioned above muay thai does not have a belt system like karate or judo for example.

Muay Thai Tips that are maybe helpful for you

  • Some of the muay thaiy basics can be learned through watching videos, but to in order to perfect the form you definietly have to find a good muay thai trainer. So he will be able to give you a super feedback in order to achieve perfection.
  • Muay Thai will teach to be honest, to avoid committing sins in life. Only then you will be able to achieve greatness.
  • If the muay thai fighter knows the weak spots in a human body (especially the ones from the opponent), it will be much easier for him to bring him down. Targeting vital points is the key to improve your muay thai techniques.