Krav Maga – Very brutal, fast and effective in Selfe Defence, a Hybrid Martial Art

It is an Israeli unarmed combative self defence system, which has direct brutal attacks / counter attacks sourced from Boxing, Wrestling, Aikido, Judo, Karate and was developed directly for battlefield and urban combat.

Check out the Krav Maga Meaning

Krav Maga is divided in 2 systems. The combat and self defence system. All Krav Maga techniques are designed to finish the enemy quickly as possible. For a skilled Krav Maga fighter, it should take only few seconds to end a fight.

Krav Maga Self Defence System

You can learn it in as little as 20 hours of time. It is a Krav Maga basic course which teach you how to defend yourself against common attacks. You will also learn the weak points in the human body, called pressure points, some easy basic throws and you will train your reflexes in order to recognize danger signs fast.

Krav Maga Combat System

Here you will learn kicks, punches, throws, take down moves, grappling techniques and at last but not least the use of weapons. Krav Maga is a fighting art exclusively (combat system). Sports variants do not exist! That’s also why Krav Maga is not a competitive martial art, like Muay Thai for example, because the techniques are designed to inflict maximum damage to the opponent. Krav Maga is basically used in the military units, police forces and real-life situations.

Krav Maga Combat System

The Krav Maga Difference to other Martial Arts

Krav Maga fighters are taught to deal with attack quickly and effectively. The main point that you have to know is, that Krav Maga does not have forms! (Kata, like in many other martial art combat systems.) It simply means there aren’t any Krav Maga movement patterns or styles. The second point that differs Krav Maga from many other martial arts styles is, that Krav Maga doesn’t have any opening ceremonies. You will directly start the fight, with the assumption that your opponent will try to kill you. Krav Maga will psychologically will prepare you for fighting. The it will be your choice to fight or escape in real life situations. With escape, I simply meant, if an individual who is untrained, will definitely be powerless for few second at least (shock state). Your life can be in a real danger in this few seconds. That’s why you will learn to overcome your fear with action, whether it is fighting or escaping.

The Krav Maga Principles include

  1. All Krav Maga techniques should consist of movements that arise from natural instincts.
  2. The Krav Maga techniques must be simultaneously defence and counter attacks.
  3. The defence tactic must be effective against the most diverse attacks.
  4. The Krav Maga techniques must be able to be dominated by an average of fit people, not just by athletes for example.
  5. The Krav Maga training must take into account the stress that occurs during real attacks.

Discover these insane Krav Maga Techniques/Exercises

Krav Maga does not teach you rigid techniques, but goes for instinctive and natural defence as well. These are to be learned by considering the psychological stress factors. Krav Maga does not have to comply with special procedures; the learned Krav Maga basic movements are only combined with other dynamic trains. This freedom of improvisation makes it possible to adapt to the situation as quickly as possible.

Krav Maga Starting

At the beginning, you go threw some basics. You will learn the weak points in a human body, called pressure points. You will learn how to land safely if you fall or all the simple martial arts basics like to make a fist before punching in order to avoid injury. While progressing you will learn advanced boxing and kicking techniques. Not only that but you will learn how to defend yourself against various punches, kicks and how to break free of various chokes and holds against legs or chest for example. In the later sessions, you will learn more advanced fighting techniques but the main point will be to destabilize the balance of the opponent to force him to the ground. At the very end, you will learn how to defend yourself against opponent who use knifes, guns or even bigger guns like riffles. These are called disarming techniques.

Krav Maga Stance

You have two Krav Maga stances, a passive stance (often neutral) and a fighting stance. The neutral one is the stance where the opponent will attack you off-guard. You can be standing or walking in your normal routine. The fighting stance is when you are ready to fight or defend yourself. All the Krav Maga techniques are simple, direct but so brutal as well.

Krav Maga Stance

Krav Maga Basic Kicks

Kicks in Krav Maga are often used to unbalance the opponent.

Krav Maga Front Kick

Is a kick where you hit your opponent with your shin or instep. You can kick with the advanced leg, throwing a kick to their groin orwith the back leg. Throwing a front push kick.

Krav Maga Back Kick

The back kick is a strong and defensive kick. If someone is behind you, you have to use a stomping type of motion to kick forcefully back.

Krav Maga Axe Kick

This kick is used for higher targets. It is a very risky kick because it leaves you open for a counterattack. High flexibility is required as well. Raise your leg fast as high as you can and slam it down to your opponent’s face.

Krav Maga Side Kick

This kick simply targets the knee. Start in a parallel position. Your shoulders, hips and foot should be in a line. Lift your leg (depends where you want to kick) in and simply extend it.

Krav Maga Knee Kick

It is like climbing stairs. Just lift your leg a little bit, bend it and use the hip to perform the kick.

Krav Maga Basic Punches

For the punches, the whole-body mass will be used to gain punching power. Many vital points will be aimed. Women especially are taught to use open handed techniques like attacking eyes, throats or even the solar plexus due to power difference.

Krav Maga Hammer Fist

You hit the enemy with the padded side of the fist. The strikes can be done from various sides. They can be very powerful due to hip usage. This strike is necessary when it is difficult to bring your fist back in order to land a powerful punch.

Krav Maga Eye Strike

This technique is used for bigger and stronger opponents. The technique can be very useful for women. This move is in competitions strictly prohibited. You have to simply attack your opponent’s eyes with your stretched fingers.

Krav Maga Open Hand Strike

You simply smash your opponent’s face straight by stretching your palm instead of punch. The main point is to strike the nose.

Krav Maga Uppercut Punch

The punch will target the face basically the chin. It is used to overcome the blocks of the opponent. But remember, you have to be close to the opponent to make the move. You will simply punch up from the bottom.

Krav Maga Double Palm Strike

Take both of your hands and like a clapping movement, just strike/clap his head basically on the ears. This can be very effective and damage the ears of the opponent.

Krav Maga Grappling/Throws

Like mentioned above, throwing techniques haven’t any patterns. They are like freestyle takedowns. Hold and chokes are taught in advanced levels. The purpose is to get the attacker in a weak position as quickly as possible. Techniques like twisting joints or cutting the air supply throw choke holds are taught.

Krav Maga Guillotine Choke

You simply squeeze your opponent’s neck by locking his head into your arms while standing or laying (depending on the situation). Just wrap your opponent’s neck, while he wants you spear and hold your wrist with the other hand and Arche back to let your forearm slice into his throat.

Krav Maga Double Leg Takedown

While holding the opponent just bend down, grab the legs behind the knees to cause a trip, lift and pull his legs to bring him to fall. Hip ThrowIf the opponent attacks you, just try to pull his arm, step in and wrap him, pick him up and throw him down.

Krav Maga Triangle Choke

The position will start when the opponent is inside your legs locked. Then you have to force his left or right arm between your and the opponents belly. On the same side, you have to pull your leg and make a diamond positions. Now pull his arm to the other side to block his blood flow by squeezing your thigs together.

Get these unique Krav Maga Benefits

Krav Maga is very direct and can be learned in a very less amount of time compared to many other martial arts (like karate for example). It means it doesn’t take ages to nearly perfect like in many other martial art combat systems.

Krav Maga Advantages

  • For every woman out there, it is a must learn martial art because they are taught how to bring the opponent down fast without using much power, only by simply building their self-confidence and of course awareness with some nice techniques.
  • Your body will simply turn into a weapon. You can defend yourself using your body against knives, swords and even guns.
  • Your body will simply turn into a weapon. You can defend yourself using your body against knives, swords and even guns.
  • You will be taught to immediately counter attack the opponent. That is must to survive surprise attacks.
  • It is a perfect urban combat sport. It can be used nearly everywhere.

Krav Maga Disadvantages

  • Krav Maga is a stand-up martial art system. There are no real ground fighting techniques which can be necessary in a real confrontation.
  • There may not be competitions for one or the other one.

Use this powerful Equipment


  1. Belts

    If some kind of grading system is used there will be belts.

  2. Groin Protection

    It is a fully wrap around and goes over your underwear to protect your testicles.

  3. Boxing Gloves

    Leather recommendation due to lasting longer

  4. Shin pads

    Later in advanced levels of Krav Maga, to avoid hurting each other’s legs.

  5. Head guards

    Often for people who have injuries near the brain or ears to avoid injuries.

  6. Comfortable Training Clothes

    If order to train well and due a lot of stretching, comfortable clothes are a must.


  1. Eyes Protection

    Can be some sport googles designed for combat sports in order to protect your eyes.

  2. Gum Shields

    They can be used to protect your teeth from fatal injuries

  3. Knee Protectors

    They will help you to avoid injuries near the knee sections

The Krav Maga Belts


  • Level 1 is the White Belt (Beginner)

    You will learn like in many other martial art combat systems the basics first.The basics include self-defence and fighting strategies. From stances, moves and strikes everything is included, even defences against locks, chokes and strikes.If you train approximately 2-3 times a week you will need about 4-6 months to achieve the yellow belt.


  • Level 2 is the Yellow Belt (Intermediate)

    With the yellow belt, you will perfect the skills you learned in Level 1, including counterattacks and advanced techniques. If you train approximately 2-3 times a week you will need about 1 Year to achieve the orange belt.

  • Level 3 is the Orange Belt (Intermediate)

    After completing level 2 you will learn in level 3 even more strikes and advanced techniques including defending against weapons such as knives or guns.If you train approximately 2-3 times a week you will need about 1 more Year to achieve the green belt.

  • Level 4 is the Green Belt (Intermediate)

    With the green belt, you will perfect all the techniques you have learned till now. Of course there will be even more advanced techniques and advanced defence skills you will learn including weapon defence. It will take up to 1 more year to get to the advanced level.


  • Level 5 is the Blue Belt (Advanced)


  • Level 6 is the Brown Belt (Advanced)

    Instructor Graduate

  • Level 7 is the Black Belt (Advanced)


Jump Back in Time and enjoy Krav Maga History

Before gunpowder and weapons were developed

In this time hand-to-hand combat was the real key fighting method for armies. Krav Maga developed in the 1940s was created by Imi Lichtenfeld who was a keen wrestler champion. Lichtenfeld was born in 1910 in Budapest His talented father named Samuel was a chief inspector and a self-defence instructor in Bratislava. With Samuels encouragement, Imi engaged in a wide range of sports and won several medals in wrestling, boxing and much more. Because of the anti-Semitism in the 1930s, Bratislava was in danger. The Nazis created gang to assault and harass on people on the street. Imi soon found out that the real fight situation is very different than the sports with rules itself. There were attacks to vital points inclusively using weapons which were so strictly prohibited in the competitive events. Due to talent, he was able to adapt his knowledge to defend himself successfully. Imi left Bratislava and immigrated to Israel. Soon the Israeli leaders recognized Imis skills and in the middle 1940s Imi began to train the Israeli fighters to defend themselves against knife attacks and physically build them to avoid injuries. Before Imi Lichtenfeld died, he told his closest students to expand this combat system through the world.

Effective Krav Maga Tips for the Beginning

  1. You as a Krav Maga practitioner have to continually develop your sense of danger awareness. Only then you will be successful in every surprise fight.
  2. Train always in different locations and in different day times to discover your lacks and to know how you react in day or night.
  3. Do not trade blows. The key is to win the fight with brain.
  4. After throwing an attack don’t just stand. Remember, if you hit him you will be in his attack range as well. It means move (not forward and backward but side to side)!
  5. Change your partners from time to time. New opponents will teach you new lessons and you will get a lot new experience.
  6. One move practiced 1000 times is much more dangerous than 1000 moves practiced once. !
  7. Don’t use fluent movements like many other martial are teach in their schools. Every second in the real-life danger situations counts.
  8. Use the momentum instead of using body power to generate quick and effective strikes.
  9. You need to attack continuously. It doesn’t matter how you move, keep it logical and do not make it to long, unless you want to use krav maga as an exercise routine.