Capoeira – Originally created by African Slaves 500 year ago

A Brazilian martial art that combines elements of fight, acrobatics, music, dance and rituals. It has aspects of both, fighting and dancing.
Capoeira uses the lower body to kick, sweep and take down. The upper body helps to assist those movements and occasionally attack as well.

That is what you can imagine under the typical Capoeira

Let your blood boil and feel the Magic what Capoeira is

In a typical class, you will start with blood flowing exercises to warm up fast and increase your heart rate. Following with basic stretching, in order to avoid injury and then you’ll start practicing capoeira movements. You’ll use the movements you have learned in the earlier part of class to improvise and practice the perfection of the game.

In a Circle you’ll begin to feel the Power

Capoeira is played within a circle of bystanders (roda). The bystanders sing or play music while the 2 in-between fight each other.

There are many combinations, kicks, acrobatics and move sets moving at crazy speeds, while sparring.

Capoeira Circle
Capoeira Dance Studio

Although, Capoeira has changed during the years

The two main styles the “angola” and the “regional” are one of those which are still used in todays capoeira schools.

You definitely must know these Capoeira Techniques

First you´ll learn the Stance in Capoeira

The basic stance places one foot forward in a lunging move with the corresponding hand forward and the other hand back.

The main movement or technique called the ginga. It is important for both, attack and defence. You are called capoeirista and ginga is to keep you in constanct motion to prevent you being targeted easily. It is also a great technique for feints or misleading foolish opponents simply leaving them open for a counter-attack or even attack.

The you go ahead for other Capoeira Techniques

The second often common used technique is named the Aú Fechado. It is like a series of rolls (half cartwheels) that allows you the capoeirista to overcome a loss of balance and prepare for the next attack.

Capoeira Straight Kicks

Are easy and quick and thrown directly at the opponent.

Capoeira Spinning Kicks

Are slower and much more difficult and are thrown at the opponent with a circular motion.

  1. Conteira
  2. Martelo
  3. Bencao
  4. Chapa
  1. Armada
  2. Queixada
  3. Meia-lua de Compasso

Capoeira Hand Strikes

Hands or arm strikes are very unusual in capoeira. But there are obviously some strikes and pinches.

  • Asfixiante
  • Cotovelada (elbow punch strike)
  • Dedeira (eye strike with 2 fingers)

Capoeira Defence

There is not a real defence. In some sources there is said the the defensive moves are the escape moves. Escaping means trying to continue the flow you are in. Always try to avoid disbalance because that could be very dangerous for you. Below there are two often used escapes.

  • Cocorinha to escape high kicks.
  • Esquiva different types of it as a low dodge techniqe.

A Variety of exclusive Capoeira Benefits

These advantages you obtain specially from Capoeira

  • So much flexibility
  • It tones and strengthens the quadriceps, buttocks and hamstrings while performing the it as a dance.
  • You will get a sense of rhythm, means that capoeira makes your body more coordinated by make you move gracefully and smoothly between all the different styles.

The Capoeira Ranking System

There is no fixed ranking system in Capoeira.

That means graduation style varies depending on the group’s traditions. Only an example in some modern capoeira schools. The ranking is presented in a form of belt based on colours of the Brazilian flag.

  • Capoeira Aluno

    Means student (beginner)

  • Capoeira Graduado

    Means graduated (blue) you can assist the alunos

  • Capoeira Formado

    Means formed (after graduation you can assist the professor (not main instructor)

  • Professor

    Means that you can teach students in a school

  • Capoeira Mestre

    Means master(highest rank) but only if recognized by the community

  • Capoeira Grand Mestre White

Capoeira Tips that are maybe helpful for you


  • You don´t have to forget to mention that the capoeira attacks always have to be very precisely and at the right moments, because only then a direct blow or kick to the face or any vital body part, can be a takedown.
  • As a beginner you should be aware, how stressful the intense movements can be on the body. These intense movements without practice will require immense fluid and can be mastered only with regular practice.